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(Courtesy: City of Orlando) Those proposals include Magnolia, which would be browse around this site built at the corner of Magnolia Avenue and Robinson Street. Zoi House, or 389 North, would be built on a corner lot directly south of the Orange County Courthouse. It is proposed to be a condo-hotel hybrid. Zoi House, or 384 North, would be build at the corner of Livingston and North Orange Avenue, across from the Orange County Courthouse. (Courtesy: City of Orlando) But even before any of those projects break ground, there are already growing pains. For example, there’s only one grocery store in the downtown area – the Publix by Lake Eola. “We are working with other grocery store owners, operators, companies, who are looking throughout the downtown area,” Chatmon said. “There is some interest.” Chatmon said there’s a lot of focus for a new grocery store in the north quarter of downtown. “That area, I think, is R-I-P-E – ripe -- for more amenities, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that’s where you see the next grocery store go,” Chatmon said.

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Senator Bragg says Australia's superannuation industry needs to be radically overhauled and laws need to change to prevent some super funds from advertising and spending money on political lobbying, among other things. Specifically, he says, because 9.5 per cent of workers' wages are compulsorily pushed into superannuation every year, the default super funds that receive that money for free shouldn't be allowed to waste any of it on advertising and lobbyists. It should all be invested on behalf of workers. If Senator Bragg admits he's previously sided with financial planners, major banks and insurance companies against consumers, shouldn't his judgement come into question? "In life, you don't get everything right and where I have been wrong, I've said so," Mr Bragg told the ABC this week. 'The finance sector has had too much influence over my party' First, it's worth revisiting some of the history here quickly because the Federal Government's attempt to overhaul Australia's super system isn't occurring in a political vacuum. Before entering Federal Parliament in July 2019, Senator Bragg worked for the Financial Services Council (FSC) for seven years. The FSC is a peak body for the financial services industry. It lobbies politicians on behalf of its members (major banks, wealth management funds, insurance companies, accounting firms, and retail super funds) to ensure legislation remains favourable for them.
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